Borhan Company

The founders of Borhan Company, with a history of about 20 years of acquiring knowledge and experience in the field of identity, decided to focus on the field of digital identity in 2014. The decision led to the formation of the Digital Identity Strategic Studies Group in 2015. The activities of this specialized group continued from the beginning of 2019 with the registration of Borhan as a new legal company. Extensive studies and experiences gained in the field of identity and access management and implementation of national and strategic projects in this field, provided the ground for the maturity of the company more than before.

Borhan capabilities provided the conditions for participation in international conferences and the development of cooperation with the top Iranian and International companies in the field of digital identity. Borhan Company intends to provide the infrastructure and a platform for the formation of the country’s digital identity ecosystem in the 2025 landscape. Undoubtedly, this important work is done only in the shadow of effort, seriousness, and cooperation with all stakeholders in this field. Accordingly, Borhan declares its readiness to cooperate extensively with individuals, internal and international organizations, and institutions of active in this field to improve and develop the digital identity ecosystem.


The most specialized and effective reference for research, education, and consulting in the field of digital identity in Iran until 2025. Borhan is one of the top ten companies in this field in the world until 2030.


Mission Statement
Providing necessary infrastructures and platforms for creating, developing and improving the digital identity ecosystem in Iran through research, education and providing strategies, solutions and advice to individuals and public and private organizations.


• Acquiring global knowledge and producing indigenous knowledge and training specialized human resources in the field of digital identity and related specialties in the country;

• Providing research, educational, and consulting requirements for national, governmental, semi-governmental, and private institutions in the field of digital identity;

• Effective participation in national and state projects in the field of digital identity through strategy and policy making, project design and implementation.

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Address: No 74, Shahid Kurd Bache (7th) Alley, Shahid Sabounchi St, Khorramshahr St, Tehran, Iran