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Having gained knowledge and experience in the field of identity for 20 years, the leaders of Borhan Company have decided to focus on digital identity since 2013. This decision was implemented in 2014 with the formation of the Strategic Studies Group on Digital Identity. The activities of this specialized group have been resumed since the beginning of 2018 with the registration of the Future Virtual Identity Leaders Company (Borhan) in a new legal framework. Many years of experience and extensive studies in the field of identity and access management, together with conducting national and strategic projects in this area, paved the way for the company to achieve more maturity. Borhan Company intends to provide a ground for the realization and formation of the ecosystem of the country's digital identity at the international level. Accordingly, Borhan Company announces its willingness to cooperate extensively with individuals, organizations, and active national, international and global institutions in this field to better realize and develop the digital identity ecosystem; this is in line with the mission and vision of Borhan Company.
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In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Research and Investigation
Conducting research and providing solutions in digital identity is the most central activity of Borhan Company. The research, which is based on methods, projects, general issues, and needs of Iran and the world, will be carried out through approaches of modeling, review of models and architectures, solutions, legal aspects, emerging trends, new methods and technologies in the field of digital identity, and identity and access management.
Training and Education
Being aimed at providing and creating a suitable platform for culture development, education and transfer of digital identity knowledge to enthusiastic and active people in digital identity and also at meeting the educational needs of the target community, Education and Evaluation Department has been established to hold specialized meetings, workshops, and courses as well as national and international conferences.
Evaluation and Ranking
In accordance with the needs expressed by the public and private sectors, the evaluation and ranking, solution and consulting department provide strategies and solutions, roadmaps, operational plans and consultation to implement extensive identity and access management processes. Moreover, evaluating and ranking products and companies active in this field fall under the duties of this department


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Our Team

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.
Dr. Reza Taragi
Dr. Reza Taragi

Chairman of the Board

Senior digital identity analyst

    Dr. Hatef rasouli
    Dr. Hatef rasouli


    Digital Identity Specialist and Consultant

    Turaj Akbari
    Turaj Akbari

    Digital Identity Analyst

    Project Manager and IAM Specialist

    Mahdi Yadegari
    Mahdi Yadegari

    Digital Identity Specialist

    Project Manager and Head of Decentralized Identity Group

    Mahdi Azhand
    Mahdi Azhand

    Project Manager

    Digital Identity Specialist and Journal Editor

    Zahra Mirzahosein
    Zahra Mirzahosein

    Senior Digital Identity Analyst

    Senior digital identity analyst and project manager

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